Peter Wabbit Children’s Photography
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Picture Programs

Picture Proofs

Backgrounds & Props are fun and designed for a fast and smooth  picture day. o We know the importance of being done before naps and lunch. Parents see proofs before paying for anything. No parent likes to buy before seeing. o Since there is no pre-pay, every child is photographed. All digital equipment allows for great opportunity to fix boo-boos. o We can even cover up that master piece your little drew on their arm, leg, or face the night before.  (it happens) :) On-line ordering of gift items and portraits for the parents and family that is not in the area o All on-line orders are shipped directly to the parent. Proofs are returned to your school within a week of your shoot date. o No sales pressure and parents have time to make their order. o No waiting wondering when the proofs are coming: we send out updates via email about your order status. All our photographers are trained specifically for children’s photography. o Yes, we bring toys to play with the children. o Become a friend in those moments are important for great smiles.